Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Update 08/09/09 Pain - 8/10

Owww! I'm really suffering today.

It's my own fault to be honest, I haven't been keeping to my scheduled diet. I missed my morning coffee, breakfast, brunch and lunch. I had a massive stock check to do at work, which I put off to the last minute and it over lapped my shifts so I was stuck in work for an extra hour! So I got home and scoffed what I could to keep me going.

Now I'm an 8 on the pain meter.

So I'm struggling with the pain with only breathing and swallowing. I've decided I'm going to need to stay in bed for the rest of the night and hope painkillers will allow some sort of sleep.

I'm really missing spending time with Amber and Steph (my daughter and wife to be), I honestly feel sometimes like they have to suffer as much as I do. I will some how make it up to them when I am better (if that happens) because they really do deserve it. They both want to go out shopping or places to that are fun. I try but to be honest, it's my idea of hell as it hurts like hell walking about, playing and sitting down when needed.

Doctors on Friday. Super early. Hope to talk more about physical therapy.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Reducing Stress

Was just looking around the net and found some stress relieving sites but I found this site to contain pretty much everything that can help reduce your stress.

Stress in most illness are going to complicate and create worse problems. Read up on these and take away a few ideas.

I also found that if your a panicky type of person, (like myself) you can use something called Sea Bands and Rescue Remedy. For me, it was a great to help me get back in control so I can start calming down. But be careful, I found myself relying on the stuff too much and depending on these to calm me down. The aim is to use it as the start but use your mind power to actually calm yourself.

Sea bands are little bands that put pressure on a certain part of your wrist. They r cheap and easy to get online. Rescue Remedy is a natural solution that is often used by emergency services on patients. It quick takes the edge off the panic so you can gain control.

Hope some of this helps out.

Update - 06/09/09 Pain - 4/10

Surprising low amount of pain through out the day. I did get very sore at some points of work, putting away dvds, walking around the store, and chatting to customers. I think I did a little too much, but the pain was short lived as I was able to have a sit down and painkillers were already in my system.

Started the day off with a decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine is not allowed in my diet for GERD, not only that but it increases stress hormones. Stressing causes my Tietze to flare up too. So no fizzy drinks or tea OR CHOCOLATE!

I also feel the heat from the coffee can help start off the chest to be more "flexible" after waking up.

I was really bad and missed 2 meal breaks while I was at work. Small but more frequent meals through the day is good for the digestive system. So I came home and was scolded by my fiancée and was made a small Sunday roast dinner. Because I missed out meals, I was in pain afterwards and had to take some painkillers followed by a lay down.

Going to have a round of toast for dinner or maybe an apple. Depends.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Just found this recipe list of a cook who has cured his own acid reflux. I know it's not the Tietze o Costochondritis related, but after researching the web, his recipes are the same what we should eat.

I am planning on trying some out.

Also, just found that if your in pain try singing along to your favourite song. Try a song that moves your fills your chest with air. I find it's a very good way of exercising your ribs. I found Sterophonics' "Maybe Tomorrow" works well.

Plus, it's a good song. =D

My Current Treatment - 06/09/2009

So my current treatment is using a cream called Difflam, which is a Benzydamine cream. of I'm guessing its a starting point when ur 1st diagnosed with Tietze. The cream may be called something else but it's applied 4 times a day. It's a anti-inflammatory and painkiller cream that can be brought over the counter in your chemist (Again, depending where you live) and it's not expensive. There aren't any big side effects, here is a wiki page for the cream.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any change after a week with the cream. I'm going to wait til I see my doctor again on Monday to see if I can move onto the next step, which I'm sure he won't mind doing. I'm thinking it's a cream they start all suffers on to see if it can be cleared easily. In my case, I have been unlucky. In other cases it may be effective.

If you have a look at the side effects, there are few and rare. As long as you don't use it in a Poland or Brazil club (where you may get mobbed for it) you shouldn't have to worry about it.

I say if you suspect you may have Tietze or Costochondritis, buy the cream and apply as instructed for the 10 day period and see if it helps in anyway.

I'm also on an anti-inflammatory painkiller also known as ibuprofen. I've been on it before and it hasn't helped before. I was expecting better painkillers but I'm sure to be upgraded in the next few weeks.

If your in the same position as me, do not get angry at your doctor. He is trying to give the best treatment without overdosing you. Try looking for other pain relief methods while on your painkillers.

I will be making appointments to see a masseur and a physical therapist next week. I hope to have some reviews on these soon.

Credit Given

I want to say I wouldn't of made this journal if I wasn't so inspired by Lucy and her Costochondritis blog.

Please visit her pages as she has done A LOT of work and research.

And I hope you feel pain free soon.

Starting Out

So here I am.

I should start you off with my story, it's a good enough start as any other.

My name is Adam, I live Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. I moved here a few years ago to live with my girlfriend (who is now my fiancée) to start a new life together. You see, I'm English but my fiancée is from Belfast and because she is very close to her family we decided it's best to live near them.

Not long after everything is moved in, I became very ill with glandular fever. Not a lot suffer too bad from it but some people get really bad reactions from it. I was very very ill for roughly two weeks and then, I got better!! =)

Roughly a month later, I wake up 1 day and I have sudden chest pains and my throat to swell as if I had glandular fever again. Stabbing, burning and tightening chest pains. It felt like someone was grabbing the muscles from inside me and trying to pull them out. Not only that, but I had swellings around my chest. I went to the hospital straight away and waited 4 hours to be poked a little and told to rest and take painkillers. I felt like telling them: "I know I could do that!! But why am I in so much pain!!" but I don't and I go home and do as ordered.

The pain continues for several months and I see countless doctors, who tell me it's glandular fever relapse, viruses and I was told it was all in my mind. 1 doctor even told me he had no clue what it was and told there was nothing he could do. I was forced into leaving my job because of the constant pain and now I work part time in a video rental store.

Now don't get me wrong, I love where I work but I'm 23 and I don't want to be there when I'm 43.

After seeing many specialists, having just as many x-rays, cameras pushed up my nose and down my throat, I'm told that I have a disease called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (Aka: G.E.R.D). Here is the Wiki page for those  who want to probe further. So I was immediately put onto a special extreme diet, given medication and told to make drastic changes to my life, all in the efforts to help the pains in my chest and to stop me loosing my voice when I talk for any longer than 30 seconds a day. I was relieved! Finally, I had an answer!

Now to the present - I'm still in unimaginable pain, my chest not only feels like it's crushing itself, but it feels like its going to fall apart. My voice has come back so I know the diet is fixing my GERD.

So I return to the doctors who are again running tests, checking my heart, taking blood and urine tests to only come back with very little which isn't enough to give any predictions. It seems like they know as much as I do about this. My mind is going to the worse case scenarios and I'm thinking that I'm not going to make it to my wedding. For those who are in constant pain all the time,  do you wonder how long you really can last like this? Honestly, I was worried about making it to the next week.

So some tests come back and the doctor tells me to lay down on the table in his office, he places his hand on the centre of my chest and asks how much pain I'm in. I don't reply, instead I'm gripping the bedding and putting every fibre of energy into not screaming in his tiny and very public office. After testing for whatever he is looking for he tells me to sit up and explains about Costochodritis and Tietze disease. Here is the Teitze Syndrome Wiki page if your looking for what I mean.

I'm both happy to hear a result, and devastated that I have two diseases that cause a lot of pain around the chest area. The doctor says the most likely cause is when I had glandular fever.

So we're back to the start. That's the reason I'm here, I'm looking for a way to live my life. It's a very simple journal on how my treatment is going. I hope those who are reading this are like me and looking desperately for their cure and find some help on their journey, or just it provides some hope and support and maybe just some more information/another idea.