Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Update 08/09/09 Pain - 8/10

Owww! I'm really suffering today.

It's my own fault to be honest, I haven't been keeping to my scheduled diet. I missed my morning coffee, breakfast, brunch and lunch. I had a massive stock check to do at work, which I put off to the last minute and it over lapped my shifts so I was stuck in work for an extra hour! So I got home and scoffed what I could to keep me going.

Now I'm an 8 on the pain meter.

So I'm struggling with the pain with only breathing and swallowing. I've decided I'm going to need to stay in bed for the rest of the night and hope painkillers will allow some sort of sleep.

I'm really missing spending time with Amber and Steph (my daughter and wife to be), I honestly feel sometimes like they have to suffer as much as I do. I will some how make it up to them when I am better (if that happens) because they really do deserve it. They both want to go out shopping or places to that are fun. I try but to be honest, it's my idea of hell as it hurts like hell walking about, playing and sitting down when needed.

Doctors on Friday. Super early. Hope to talk more about physical therapy.

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