Sunday, 6 September 2009

Reducing Stress

Was just looking around the net and found some stress relieving sites but I found this site to contain pretty much everything that can help reduce your stress.

Stress in most illness are going to complicate and create worse problems. Read up on these and take away a few ideas.

I also found that if your a panicky type of person, (like myself) you can use something called Sea Bands and Rescue Remedy. For me, it was a great to help me get back in control so I can start calming down. But be careful, I found myself relying on the stuff too much and depending on these to calm me down. The aim is to use it as the start but use your mind power to actually calm yourself.

Sea bands are little bands that put pressure on a certain part of your wrist. They r cheap and easy to get online. Rescue Remedy is a natural solution that is often used by emergency services on patients. It quick takes the edge off the panic so you can gain control.

Hope some of this helps out.

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