Sunday, 6 September 2009

Update - 06/09/09 Pain - 4/10

Surprising low amount of pain through out the day. I did get very sore at some points of work, putting away dvds, walking around the store, and chatting to customers. I think I did a little too much, but the pain was short lived as I was able to have a sit down and painkillers were already in my system.

Started the day off with a decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine is not allowed in my diet for GERD, not only that but it increases stress hormones. Stressing causes my Tietze to flare up too. So no fizzy drinks or tea OR CHOCOLATE!

I also feel the heat from the coffee can help start off the chest to be more "flexible" after waking up.

I was really bad and missed 2 meal breaks while I was at work. Small but more frequent meals through the day is good for the digestive system. So I came home and was scolded by my fiancée and was made a small Sunday roast dinner. Because I missed out meals, I was in pain afterwards and had to take some painkillers followed by a lay down.

Going to have a round of toast for dinner or maybe an apple. Depends.

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