Saturday, 5 September 2009

My Current Treatment - 06/09/2009

So my current treatment is using a cream called Difflam, which is a Benzydamine cream. of I'm guessing its a starting point when ur 1st diagnosed with Tietze. The cream may be called something else but it's applied 4 times a day. It's a anti-inflammatory and painkiller cream that can be brought over the counter in your chemist (Again, depending where you live) and it's not expensive. There aren't any big side effects, here is a wiki page for the cream.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any change after a week with the cream. I'm going to wait til I see my doctor again on Monday to see if I can move onto the next step, which I'm sure he won't mind doing. I'm thinking it's a cream they start all suffers on to see if it can be cleared easily. In my case, I have been unlucky. In other cases it may be effective.

If you have a look at the side effects, there are few and rare. As long as you don't use it in a Poland or Brazil club (where you may get mobbed for it) you shouldn't have to worry about it.

I say if you suspect you may have Tietze or Costochondritis, buy the cream and apply as instructed for the 10 day period and see if it helps in anyway.

I'm also on an anti-inflammatory painkiller also known as ibuprofen. I've been on it before and it hasn't helped before. I was expecting better painkillers but I'm sure to be upgraded in the next few weeks.

If your in the same position as me, do not get angry at your doctor. He is trying to give the best treatment without overdosing you. Try looking for other pain relief methods while on your painkillers.

I will be making appointments to see a masseur and a physical therapist next week. I hope to have some reviews on these soon.

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